Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Buddy Hollie

IF you recognize this pretty face, consider yourself, 1) lucky, and 2) apart of the Blackhawk Grille family. If you don’t recognize her, read on, because this is our bartender and buddy, Hollie, and she wants to welcome you to the BHG fam!

Hollie is known to make her patrons personal friends, and remarks that this has happened quite often over the course of her 14 years at BHG.

“I bartend for the people,” Hollie says. “I love interacting with our guests. They turn into family to me, and I’ve made quite a few great friends here.”

In addition to the great people, Hollie says there are some other perks to her job, including a plethora of salad options and an overall soothing atmosphere, to which she gives credit to the pond outside. Water in general, but specifically the ocean, provides a calmness, she says.

“If I could go anywhere, I’d go on a long vacation to Hawaii, to the ocean, to relax. Something about the ocean is calming to me.”

If she’s not behind the bar, chatting with her guests while shaking drinks, Hollie is probably in her garden, or—when she has the time, energy and patience—hitting balls on the golf course. But if you’re lucky enough to find her behind the bar (Monday through Friday nights), sit down and get ready to chat with one of our favorite BHG team members…Hollie!


Anonymous said...

Being from out of the area, I reviewed the menus from several restaurants recommended by my Hotel on line tonight before selecting the Blackhawk Grille - specifically to order their Lobster Biaque and Sea Bass. Imagine my disappointment when I arrived and sat down to order and found out that they no longer were serving either. The Lobster Bisque wasn't even on the current menu at the restaurant anymore, so who knows how long how long ago they stopped serving it. I guess you can't judge a restaurant by its on-line menu, or can you? I won't be back!

Blackhawk Grille said...

We are really sorry to hear about your less-than satisfactory visit to our restaurant. We know how it is when you get really excited to taste something, only to find that that something isn't available. It's disappointing! Our menu here at the Blackhawk Grille is ever changing to reflect the freshest, in-season ingredients. (In fact, our soups change about every week!) Your feedback has helped us realize that we should make this clear to all of our guests, and we're in the process of updating our online menus.
With appreciation and our apologies, once again,
-The Blackhawk Grille

Anonymous said...

oh, yes anonymous above me, lets imagine your surprise when you walk into a restaurant 20 minutes before closing and, GASP! the menu has been reduced! I mean, how DARE these lowly food jockeys tend to such inane details as cleaning the restaurant and making sure all would be in order for the next day! We are to believe you went to the restaurant and posted this review in the same day? *cough*cough*LIAR*cough*cough*

More like posted one or two days later, or when someone asked you how the visit was, and you just couldn't resist slamming an otherwise STELLAR establishment.

take your unappreciative ^$$ back to Antioch. As a Patron of the Grille, (albeit one who hasn't been there in TOO long) I can personally attest to their hospitality, strong ethic and COMPLETE devotion to their customers' satisfaction. I have NEVER had anything less than a WONDERFUL time at Blackhawk Grille.